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Welcome to the Abyss. Instead of falling into one, we are inviting you to become entirely consumed with our very own version, and much like it’s inspiration once you start….you just won’t want to stop. With a luscious cornflake teasing you on the inhale, the lingering velvety smooth milk will leave you wanting more! Much like everyone’s favourite breakfast cereal, this will become your favourite vape.

This is a 0mg E-Liquid

This is a nicotine compatible e-liquid. Nicotine shot/s are available here.

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How to prepare Bullets Short-Fills for use:

  1. Open your Short-Fill bottle and remove the nib.
  2. Open the Nic Shot bottle/s and pour the entire contents into your Shortfill bottle.
  3. Re-fit the Shortfill bottle nib.
  4. Close the bottle and shake thoroughly until your eliquid contains LOTS of bubbles.
  5. Leave to steep in a dark cool cupboard (optional) for 3-5 days (to allow the nicotine to incorporate into the eliquid) repeating step 4 once per day or skip to step 6 if you have no patience! (this step is purely personal preference, we feel that this gives the juice a much smoother vape after adding your nicotine).
  6. Fill your favourite tank or wick your favourite dripper and enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: For 6mg users, a 10ml decantation of e-liquid is required from Bullets Short-Fill. 10ml empty bottles are available for purchase in the Extras menu, if required.

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